Frequently Asked Questions


When you untie and leave the dock what happens to the SlideMoor? 

We provide a “parking cleat” to position on your piling as needed. Just hang the SlideMoor on the cleat for a quick tie up when you return to the dock.

What about maintenance? 

We recommend that every time you leave the dock return to the dock let the SlideMoor drop to the bottom stop bolt to make sure the track has no growth on it. The weight of the SlideMoor guillotines the barnacles or other growth from the track. The bearing surface is designed to scrape the track as movement from the boat moves it up and down. Rain handles most of the rest. Just hose it down when you wash the boat. Always check to see if the track bolts and the cleat bolts are tight. NEVER lube the track. It just makes a mess and holds dirt that could cause wear.

How often do you have to change bearings? 

If you ever have to change the bearing you would be the first!  We made so much bearing surface that you should never need to replace it.  

Can you use SlideMoor to tie a floating dock to a bulkhead or fixed dock? 

Yes you can. They are all different but most will work.  Email or Call to discuss further - we will be happy to come to your dock and discuss all your options.  

If you have a floating dock can you still use SlideMoor? 

It has been done for good reasons but a bracket must be made to use the shortened track. We would review your dock to make this bracket. SlideMoor will eliminate all water line rubbing caused be bumpers and stop all movement to make boarding much more safe.  

Do you need any other lines other than the two on the SlideMoors?

No. Since the boat will not move after tied to the SlideMoor, any other lines would just hang in the same arch as when you tied them. They are not necessary.  

If I can use only one SlideMoor do I have to use other lines? 

On smaller boats were only one piling is available for a SlideMoor you must stop the pivoting around the SlideMoor piling by using two bow lines or two stern lines or one of each. The SlideMoor locates the boat tight to the dock and stops in and out and fore and aft movement and the lines eliminate the pivoting.    

Will SlideMoor protect me in storms or hurricanes?

 Yes. When used as instructed SlideMoor can help protect your boat just as it would all of the time.  The main thing to remember is that big storms and hurricanes have surges of water that may push your boat over the range of your track. We can make longer tracks but if the surge tops over the track the SlideMoor can‘t do its job and damage is likely. We can make tracks any length to match your pilings.  

Can the track be attached to any type piling? 

They are used on round wood, round concrete filled PVC, round steel, square concrete, steel I- beam, concrete and steel seawalls. If you are not sure, call or email photos of your application.  

Is the mounting hardware included? 

The mounting hardware is not included. If you have wood pilings, we recommend you use 1/2" x 6" stainless steel lag bolts. 10 lag bolts are needed for an 8' track and 12 lag bolts are needed for a 10' track.

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